Exclusive - Uber den Wolken by Crista Leonard

Germany born Julia Breiter moved to Barcelona, and started to run her small. vintage shop, where she occasionally would also sell upcycled vintage garments. That was the beginning of Über den Wolken, Over the Clouds, as we know these days.

Crista Leonard was born in England, grew up in Andorra and is now Barcelona based. Crista shoots for a range of brands and is also Co Editor in Chief of lifestyle publication Philistine magazine.

Julia's 90s references, nordic lagenlook reinventions, uncomplicated and functional styles, signature palettes and clever fabric choices proudly and quietly stand as a detour from the predominant fashion aggressions that seem to overpopulate the media. Beautiful linen and cotton mixes separates bring the perfect Mediterranean minimalism to a Summer's wardrobe, ready to unfold the Atlantic mysteries, here captured by Crista Leonard

Photography by Crista Leonard
Model Florence Lucila


We take a moment to look at details. People tend to walk too fast. Living too fast. Talking too much nonsense. With slow hands we touch a shadow play projected on a concrete wall. We take time to observe the architectural details of arum lilies. This feels as good as when a cute child smiles at you in the subway, while you're carrying groceries. As good  as when  you see an interesting building or as good as when you find yourself in a big, open field. The air is fresh. Feels good.
We look at how perfect a slice of orange really is. We tremble on the inside when we look at the apartment of Richard Gere in American Gigolo. We don't care about the plot, but did you see that vase?
We like our coffee in a cardboard colour. Coffee. Milk. No sugar. Cardboard colour. Is it wrong that we like seductive atmospheres so much?

untenable ideals


Christophe Lemaire white sweater. Kenzo Pagodon bag.
Repetto loafers. Cos tie-up belt.
Vintage 501's. Vintage mules.
Liberate yourself  from the constraints of untenable ideals.
K. Leimer - Almost Chinese

lenght of time

Ichiko Hashimoto - Naja Naja (1985) 


Voyage par la pensée
Elle France. 1991.


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