monday favorites

// Missing Jacquemus campaigns.

// Yoko Ono - Dream.

// Mark Bothwick photography.

// Just listened to a recording of James Pants performing live on a german club.I had totally forgot how cool his music is.

karaoke wednesday | suicide

 Night becomes.
Day becomes.
There is an intersection in between.
Coffee tastes like cheap champagne. Champagne tastes like cheap coffee.
Gorgeous 1980 gem by electronic wizards Suicide, who bring the "tha" to thanatos.

Coeval magazine

I used to be one of those women who used to buy hundreds of style/fashion magazines. Not anymore. I get easily bored and most editorials, articles etc. come across as rather superficial and bourgeois.
I don't care much about seasonal trends. At all.
I don't care much about vapid articles on unattainable luxe goods. Fact.
The main point is that there isn't enough depth in most style/fashion magazines. I like when articles or editorials make you think. When they challenge you and they inspire you. Instead of bringing you down. Over, and over again, countless words on the same boring things: the season's bag, the season's this or that. I like when the final result comes across as instinctive and natural. Not set up.  Not, well, fake. When you get the feeling you could actually wear something like that and actually blend in the crowd while remaining original. Minimal,instinctive, beautiful uniforms for everyday wear.
Minimal is exciting. Because it's real. There is a person behind the clothes and also within the clothes he or she is wearing.There is a story, and there is a realness. You can imagine that person hailing for a cab, having a cigarrete, watching a show, resting her elbows on a table or folding her shirt when getting home.
Coeval makes me happy. My eyes and my brain are filled with genuine excitement. The photos are lush and they make your heart skip a beat just like when you kiss a guy you really, really like for the very first time.
Coeval turns me on and  it makes me blush and leaves my mind wandering for a very, very long time.

karaoke wednesday | aphex twin

Look at them.
(insert year) summer party people.
Blasting their modern (insert music).
You are all smiles, winks and wild hair floating in an infinite universe.
Are you really having fun?
You look like you could  take a nap, could use a hug from your mom and maybe drink some water.
Maybe you don't.
In the late 90's, fun meant wearing Acupuncture trainers. And getting high. Mostly getting high.
Cheap poetic realisms of young bodies falling asleep in abandoned swimming pools.

Girls bumping and grinding.
Boys bumping and grinding.
On a smoke filled dancefloor.
Biggie, Biggie, can't you see?
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me.

I'm the one who whistles for a cab.
Good night.
Keep the positive over the negative.
Positive over negative.

It's karaoke Wednesday.
And I just had a moment of nostalgia.
Tear ducts. Intact.
Aphex Twin - Ptolemy

monday favorites

Time lapses.
Mainly echoes.
    mented words.
And sights unseen.
// Color therapy.
i. Rudolf Polanszky, Reconstructions, 2005.(Mixed media: bitumen, foils, pigment and plexiglass mounted on canvas and wood). ii. Faraway Love by artist Agnes Martin, 1999. (Acrylic paint and graphite on canvas).
// London based artist, Sanna Helena Berger
 // I crave for the future. I honor the past.
i.KO is Megan Kiantos x Courtney Owen. Based in New York, the creative collaborators work across photography and film to realize distinct visual concepts. ii. Pebble Vase, by Sugahra Glasswors at Canoe, Portland.
// The fragrant sounds from Suzanne Kraft.


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